Friday, 23 October 2009


I am ill with swine flu.. will be back when I am better..

Friday, 16 October 2009

Isn't life fun..

Another busy few weeks.I have been to the stitching show at alexandra Palace, in London.Was fascinated by the knitted lifesized boat,and coral,fishes etc there.I stocked up on some supplies, bought some wool, beeds for more necklaces, and thread box.Had a tiring but good day there.My latest knitting was a phone cover which I did using recycled carrier bags.I am not pleased with the result and will post it later post.
I have been carrying on with my baby clohes knitting when i get spare time(not often!).
The line dancing classes are still going on.. I don't know if I am improving..I am learning the steps just not the sequences so good.
I went to a Bus Rally and Classic cars at Canvey Island, last weekend.That was fun, riding the different types of old buses and looking at the classic cars.My friends car who I went in, broke down so we had to hitch a ride with the passing buses going to rally.When we arrived it was a bit like being papped,there was so many people taking photos of the buses.there was a nice toy train set up there in the museum.It was interesting to see how the island had flooded when all those people got killed years ago(there was pictures on the wall).
I have been to see a few more bands,last weekend I saw the brilliant Scam 69.. but tomorrow night I am off to The Cauliflower, to see Anthem again(my fav band).
Alex is ill with a bad cold, and Emma has been unwell too this week.I have been to the doctors today,saw the diabetic nurse and my blood test revealed better results than last and i have lost 6 pounds.I have to tweek my diet and my insulin and my exercise, but hopefully now I can start to sort myself out a bit more- I seem to be heading in the right direction.
Also I have had my hair highlighted with dark kind of reddishey golden highlights to liven up the med brown.Just need to get it cut now.