Monday, 28 October 2013

Bothy threads SAL MONDAY

I have joined a facebook group for Bothy threads cut thru designs .Monday SAL.
This is my picture I am attempting.,

It is called Cut thru  Haberdashers
So this week I have been gridding the fabric and winding the threads onto bobbins, and organizing my start.I dont have much to show for the first week.stitching so will leave it to next Monday to show you my progress...
if you would like to follow my progress it is on here...

Meanwhile I went to John Lewis today for wool to start my Minion dolls, for  some Xmas gifts I am making

Thursday, 17 October 2013

busy october

So what have I been up to since I last blogged.? Well life has been busy.I have started with weight watchers, and lost 3  and a half pound so far.The GP referred me via the NHS as I meet the requirements.I get 12 weeks free there.. I am on week 4 now.I Started a new exercise regime, involving the wii and walking, and my good friend Wendy.

Alex has had his hair cut short again.. making him look much older
He is getting so handsome and looks more and more  like his dad.

I have been busy crocheting ...I am still obsessed with the fire blanket pattern, and have started my own blanket which is the size of my ironing board.

Made with the pattern from my new book(,crochet step by step by sarah harding), I made a scarf and hat,adding my own edging,it is in a lovely mint green.DK..Now christmas is approaching I am going to have to start making a list of what needs to be done.Its getting colder and I think hats and gloves and scarves are gonna be having to be made..

here they are again, should go well with my rain mac.

the hat before edging added.

I did some knitting...a square made from the new magazine out called big and little knits.I needs blocking...and camera angle wasn't good.This is double moss stitch.Knitted on no 10 big needles and using the free chunky yarn that comes with the mag.I dont know if I will continue to buy the mag but it is always nice to get a first issue.
At the moment my mum is in hospital, having an op, so hopefully you will keep her in your prayers.
I am feeling tender today, having slipped over twice this week I feel like I have done a few rounds in the boxing ring,my arms knee and shoulders hurt,and I am unable to do anything than lift a coffee cup.....and even that hurts..My Emma is off to Jordan for a week to stay with her friend and her dad. I am concerned but hopefully she will enjoy herself and come to no harm.