Friday, 18 January 2013

a cold snowy friday and more hooking..

Is it cold where you are?how deep is the snow, we must have a good 2 inches of snow now..Its blowy snow.very fine but settling ..look here is my garden..
.its cold too... very cold! 5 hours worth of snow..
 So what have I been up to...? well as usual have had my hook in my hand and rustled up..
this is the cowl I have been working on that I gave the pattern to in my last post.
Havent quite managed to fit it in but it goes round my neck twice and hangs loose like a cowl should do..

I love that wool its called marble and is chunky wool, reminds me of those coconut  ice  sweets.
I knitted my mum a scarf out of it for xmas.

and finally my blue and white granny square blanket i am working on for my lovely son Alex.

Today I have been at Knit and Natter with my friends from the Collier row library group.I managed to complete another four squares to be added to the blanket.After I went to get some supplies in so that i dont run out of bread and milk while the weather is bad, and prior to the group starting i went and got my meds so  I dont run out.
I have got some new books from the library,I got" tea cozies"  , it is a book by the guild of master craftsmen publications, there are some nice cozies in there to knit. I havent done any knitting for a few days and never made a cosy so thought this would inspire me. I dont like tea myself but have recently bought a new teapot..
The other book I got was Gok Wan Work your wardrobe as I am looking for tips on how I dress ,I am trying to change my image a bit as I feel a bit stuck in my choice of clothes..I am enjoying his new series on the television at the moment.
Alex will be home from school in a moment, so I better  until next time.. stay warm, treat yourself to a nice cup of hotchocolate(I am liking fudge flavour at the moment)and sit and do some hooking... :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

on the hook today..

today it is cold here in Essex.. very cold, but we have no snow, just brilliant sunshine this afternoon.
I looked out in  my garden and guess what I saw...
cobwebs frozen on m rotary washing line.

So there must be a very frozen spider somewhere... eek!

I have finished my latest scarf..It is hard to show you what it looks like, but I hope you get the  idea.
my circles scarf.. made using pattern from simply crochet.
I can share the pattern I used.
Start with double knit and size 3.50 hook.You simply make a chain of 34. and join with slip stitch.Do one chain,
double crochet into the first chain and continue until reach end.change to a 4.0 hook. Next chain 3 and then treble one ,then one  treble in next three stitches,then do 2 trebles in next stitch, one treble in next three stitches,and then 2 treble in next stitch all the way round.Join with a slip stitch
.change hook.This time use a 5 .o hook
Then next round chain 3,and  and do one treble into each stitch.join with a slip stitch.
Last round.. chain 3 and treble one, then treble one into next three stitches and then 2 treble into next stitch.continue all the way round,and join with a slip stitch.You have made your first chain link in the scarf.
To link the chains when you have done the row of chains at the beginning interlink it to previous one, and join your  slip stitch. Be careful not to twist the link as you make it.Continue for however long you want to make scarf.I made 12 links in all.

more granny squares

This is going to be another blanket.This time with brighter colours.

a new cowl
This was made using chunky wool.

the cowl   I have started to make  with chunky wool
It is very simple to make ..With a size 8.0 hook.. chain 27.
with the 3 chain from hook do a row of trebles trebling and skipping one until the end of the row.
Chain 2, and treble in the spaces of the previous row with one chain inbetween,
The last treble was worked in the space between the initial chains and first treble.
Each row consists of 14 trebles, (initial chain always counts as a treble)and 13 spaces.
Continue until required length I am making mine 65 long as I want to wrap it round my neck twice. whip stitch ends together.

the start of another chain link scarf..
I am using oddments left from the making of my new granny blanket.
Well Alex is at school, time for a nice bowl of hot warming soup and some nice crusty roll...
Until next time.. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Happy New Year...

Today I joined' monthly mix up mania'( link above).. what a good idea.. so I am going to look for a book with J in the title.I am a bit of a book worm and can read a book in a week.I have a kindle as well so that makes this challenge easy.You could join too if you wanted a book challenge.
So what have I been up to?
 a sofa throw

a granny blanket

new supplies..
I am busy making a scarf in a chain link pattern...Its very easy with lots of circles being crocheted and combined. I got the Pattern from simply crochet magazine which I bought for the first time this week.It has got some gorgeous patterns in it,and some fairly simple If you look at the sample you will see the chain scarf I am making on the magazine cover.
Meanwhile,I am embracing the new year  and trying to be positive.Off with the old hang ups and moving on to my great single life.I have my friends, my family and my children and my interests and I will continue to make the most of them.
Do you have snow today where you live? Yesterday we did but today we  dont but it is FREEZING.. just the weather to snuggle up under a granny square blanket and crochet with a nice cup of warming hot  chocolate...time to get in Essex...