Tuesday, 24 December 2013

merry christmas everyone..

So the presents are wrapped  and everything is ready for Christmas day, I have a shocking cold and cough and am not well again,(blood sugars affected again).but may I wish everyone a happy christmas and soon it will be another creative new year and I shall be returning to My cut thru cross stitch, crochet and I think a spot of calligraphy, zentangle, and jewellery making come the new year.....

Thursday, 19 December 2013

another present finished ..

Bobble blanket...
Another' ta- da' moment .... I finally finished my bobble blanket  I have been making...
was very easy to make bobbles are 5 trebles  per bobble....I reckon there is 150 'stripes' to the blanket and each one takes approx an hour to do. For warmth this is a very good blanket to make, its toasty!
All made in double knit and has taken me 4 months to do to the finish.Of course have been working on some other projects as well inbetween. this is a xmas present....
got 2 more things to do before xmas and then I shall be back working on the cut thru and doing some jewellery making again... 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

been busy making crochet minions

he's a bit shy...

here he is

whatch out they are multiplying...

So no progress on the cut thru this week as I have been busy making these little fellas.. from the movie Dispicable Me... cute, hey...going to be xmas pressies..

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

week 6 and still doing it..The cut Thru... Haberdashers...

Week 6...
Have done some backstitch and rolls of material..... still loving it...
Very busy with xmas makes and xmas shopping and going for my first Xmas lunch today so this is a flying visit...

Monday, 25 November 2013

monday SAL..... progress of sorts

WEEK 5  of stitching...
So  there has been some slight progress on the haberdashers picture.I did have to do some unpicking, and hope that is the last of the unpicking on this part of the picture.I do hate to unpick, but needs must and if I make an error it will only annoy me until I make it correct.
I have done the beginning parts of the rolls of material and some of the bag which I had done all wrong.
I hadn't been too good last week as I had a throat infection caused by a virus.Some antibiotics and a week later and I am feeling more myself.
I have done some crochet on my crochet project, which I will share with you another day.
I have gained a pound(got weighed today) and that's probably because I didn't follow the weight-watcher diet too closely last week, and did next to no exercise.
So another week and hopefully better results.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Monday SAL Bothy Threads Cut Thru, The Haberdashers.. the progresss...

the finished picture will look like this..

After 4 weeks of stitching...
I am enjoying stitching on this and continuing showing my progress... it has been hard this week as i made a few mistakes on the bag and have miscounted the metalwork next to the lady. Lots of unpulling, but ..sigh I will get there in the end.Meanwhile I have taken a break from the computer as I am am now unwell with a throat infection and infected finger due to a viral infection. Now on the antibiotics which are making me feel tired.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bothy threads have this new design which is going on my wish list for xmas.I am a coffee addict and would like to make this to go on my wall in my kitchen. Isnt it wonderful?

Have had a day doing some more stitching on my SAL Haberdashers, I had made a few mistakes so had to correct them, but slowly I am getting there with it.
Meanwhile it is a good thing to cope with the stress.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Yesterday I had a day of not feeling too well.I recovered enough to go to a charity night , which was a comedy night at The Brickyard ,Romford,Essex.
I wish I could tell you I had a nice evening but the comedians werent funny in the slightest.There was an Elvis impersonator, which may have been the best part of the evening.I had a tiny saucer size plate full of buffet food which wasnt very nice, but it was for a good cause,Crossroads, who provide respite care for me, for Alex,my son.http://www.crossroadscarehavering.org.uk/.hopefully it raised some well deserved funds.
Needless to say I did no stitching...
Today I have received some bad news about a family member so am not going to do any stitching or crochet as I am just thinking of them and the battle they face.
Tomorrow will be another fresh day.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Bothy threads cut thru SAL Monday.. my progress so far..

After 3 weeks of stitching...

The finished picture, what it will look like..

I am enjoying stitching on this.. and am going to do all the cross stitch on it and then do the backstitch.

Here is the link to the progress on the SAL's.......


Sunday, 10 November 2013

A visit and some presents..

 Look what I got.. wool and threads from Jordan, all this for £7
A lovely pink owl necklace

Some thimbles to add to my collection, From Petra, Jordan

Alex wearing the fez from Jordan....

Today I had a lovely visit from my daughter Emma, she came bringing gifts from her holiday to Jordan, to see Taraa.We are delighted with our gifts and I am wearing my necklace, have plans for the wool and the threads and my thimbles have pride of place on my thimble collection.
We had a nice sunday dinner, pork chops, sausages,mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, and yoghurts.
Then we went over to see my parents and then Emma has gone to see my ex, her dad.
So a nice day for us all.So now back to stitching on my SAL cut thru.....:)

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Tomorrow i have a visitor coming.. yeah my Emma is coming to lunch....back from her travels to Jordan...Alex and me are so excited especially as she has a gift for us..And I know she went to a Haberdashers shop when she was there...:) I have seen the photos...:)
So today has been a strange day, very wet and rainy,cold. I have been feeling a bit down in the doldrums. I spent most of the day watching Star Wars, its one of  my fave movies...and stitching on the cut thru picture.It is coming on a treat and i cant wait for Monday to come to share it.
This morning I watched The lord mayors show on tv. Next year I really must go and see it as it happens. Here is a link about it.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Mayor's_Show

Friday, 8 November 2013

Friday again... :)

Me today...:)

Today I took an afternoon off of the usual things and had a nice meal out with my bestie Kathy....
This was taken on our last big adventure, when we went to France for the day on The Shuttle.
Kathy has health problems and a mum who she does the caring for so we often have to wait ages to get together.
When we do we cheer each other up , generally have something nice to eat, and enjoy ourselves. Her mum is in hospital at the moment so I wish her well.
Of course the weather has been awful today, rain, rain and more rain.. and I am glad it is coming to the weeks end.
I have been doing some stitching tonight on my SAL and am looking forward to the time when I can share my progress on Monday..
I am so excited, cos I am going to see my Emma this weekend.... this is a picture of her and her bestie Taraa..
This is another cut thru I am after stitching, I have put it on my wish list!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

a wet and cold day and a surprise in the post...

Look what has come....
Oh yes, doing the happy,happy dance... Its The Wedding Cut Thru,(by Bothy Threads, of course) for a wedding due next year in May.... so I am going to attempt to get both my haberdashers cut thru and my wedding one done as soon as possible...I am so looking forward to stitching on this as well...
It was just the thing to brighten up a very autumnal day here in Essex..so  wet and cold that even Prince the cat was reluctant to go out.

 This is  Emma (my daughter,in purple) and Taraa(her friend).... in Jordan, looking very glamorous..
 Emma is back tomorrow.. to her boyfriends house and she will be back at Uni next week.

I have done well on my challenge today .. I managed to keep moving,ie getting up every half hour if was sitting for longer than half hour, and got moving, had a busy day with housework.however, I didnt adjust my insulin correctly and had 2 hypos.. not good./...

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

November: No Computers/Internet Before Noon

over at http://zenhabits.net/ they are following a challenge of no computers or internet before noon in November.I am going to try and follow that.As I am a bit of a Facebook junkie and candy crush addict I will see how I cope.I am also going to try not sitting down for longer than 30 mins, this is cos I am trying to be more active in my quest to loose more weight. Not sure how the creating and the stitching and crochet will cope up with that but bear with me.
Yesterday I popped over to see my parents for lunch, and then in the evening went out with the 14 women who I am friends with who I go on a girls holiday weekend every year..we had a nice civilized meal..Actually we go to the same restaurant, once a month and have been for the past 5 or so years.So I didnt get much stitching done .
I did a bit more stitching on my cut thru and am eagerly waiting the delivery of the wedding cut thru.
I did a bit of stitching on a kit given to me by a novice stitcher, caroline..It is  a lighthouse bookmark.This is a picture of the kit.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

national Blog Posting Month

I forgot about this until Dani reminded me, http://tkdchick.blogspot.co.uk/
so here I am today doing another blog post.You have to post every day in November, so here is  me attempting it.
Today was very foggy, cold and damp when I woke up.I just hate these early mornings when I have to get Alex ready for the school bus, and have to get out my cosy bed.
here is Alex he is at our local park, which has deers in an enclosure.He is riding a wooden badger.. very topical at the moment cos the government are trying to reduce the number of badgers by culling them.

here he is again, he had his face painted AGAIN , as a vampire(his favourite look) and very much topical as it was halloween last  week

Today is Guy Fawkes Day, when we celebrate how he failed to blow up Parliament.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Fawkes_Night

It usually means lots of fireworks going off, for at least two weeks so I shall be keeping my cat Prince in as much as possible(he is mental and sometimes wont come in even though he is scared to death)
So today I will be doing more stitching on my cut thru and waiting for the new one to drop through my door, I cant wait...!Until tomorrow...happy creating.. and stay safe. x

Monday, 4 November 2013

half term week..and progress on my cut thru..SALmy progress after a week..

the finished picture(what it will look like)...
my progress after a week of stitching...
As you know I have been stitching on my Cut Thru Haberdashery Picture I am stitching on ..for The Monday SAL on Facebook... this is my progress after last week's stitching, so two weeks worth of work on it. I now have a bit of a picture to show for it.It is the left hand side cabinet with the mouse and books and part of a cat stitched.I must admit I am enjoying this stitch and its lovely seeing it take shape.
I am enjoying seeing the other girls progress with their stitching cut thru designs.
I also found the Cinderella Palace in my stash,I had forgotten I bought it and have also ordered the wedding cut thru for a wedding gift for next year that I am going to  . I am taking a break from crochet for the time being, and concentrating on a bit of stitching now I have my stitching mojo back.
Last week was half term week, we met up with my daughter Emma and she and I had to choose the day of the great storm to meet up, so instead of meeting up at her house, we met at West-field Shopping Centre,in Stratford, and i had to travel by bus(no trains as no electricity due to the storm),so it was 1 and a half hours there and same back, to go 12 miles, on very congested roads.We had a nice lunch at Pizza hut, a visit to lakeland Plastic, and I bought some wool in John Lewis there for making my minions, which is the only present making I intend doing this Xmas.Anyway Emma is still in Jordan, enjoying her break, and enjoyed it so much she extended her trip by a few more days and has changed the day she flies back.
We didnt do much last week, because the weather was so dire, so I stayed in stitched and did the boring housework.I did take Alex to see his Nan and Grandad and he enjoyed that.
I have spent the weekend seeing bands play live,resting,stitching, and enjoying my brief weekend off break while Alex spends time with his father.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Bothy threads SAL MONDAY

I have joined a facebook group for Bothy threads cut thru designs .Monday SAL.
This is my picture I am attempting.,

It is called Cut thru  Haberdashers
So this week I have been gridding the fabric and winding the threads onto bobbins, and organizing my start.I dont have much to show for the first week.stitching so will leave it to next Monday to show you my progress...
if you would like to follow my progress it is on here...http://debbiescrossstitch.blogspot.co.uk/p/bothy-threads-cut-thru-sal.html

Meanwhile I went to John Lewis today for wool to start my Minion dolls, for  some Xmas gifts I am making

Thursday, 17 October 2013

busy october

So what have I been up to since I last blogged.? Well life has been busy.I have started with weight watchers, and lost 3  and a half pound so far.The GP referred me via the NHS as I meet the requirements.I get 12 weeks free there.. I am on week 4 now.I Started a new exercise regime, involving the wii and walking, and my good friend Wendy.

Alex has had his hair cut short again.. making him look much older
He is getting so handsome and looks more and more  like his dad.

I have been busy crocheting ...I am still obsessed with the fire blanket pattern, and have started my own blanket which is the size of my ironing board.

Made with the pattern from my new book(,crochet step by step by sarah harding), I made a scarf and hat,adding my own edging,it is in a lovely mint green.DK..Now christmas is approaching I am going to have to start making a list of what needs to be done.Its getting colder and I think hats and gloves and scarves are gonna be having to be made..

here they are again, should go well with my rain mac.

the hat before edging added.

I did some knitting...a square made from the new magazine out called big and little knits.I know..it needs blocking...and camera angle wasn't good.This is double moss stitch.Knitted on no 10 big needles and using the free chunky yarn that comes with the mag.I dont know if I will continue to buy the mag but it is always nice to get a first issue.
At the moment my mum is in hospital, having an op, so hopefully you will keep her in your prayers.
I am feeling tender today, having slipped over twice this week I feel like I have done a few rounds in the boxing ring,my arms knee and shoulders hurt,and I am unable to do anything than lift a coffee cup.....and even that hurts..My Emma is off to Jordan for a week to stay with her friend and her dad. I am concerned but hopefully she will enjoy herself and come to no harm.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Crocheting weather

Hasn't it turned autumnal??Just the weather to sit in and crochet..I am finding it easy to resist the going out and socializing now the weather has turned..I have been staying in and crocheting instead, steadily working my way through the jumper I have yet to show you. (be patient with me).Anyway, the back has been done and the two sleeves so I am confident this week I shall finish the front.I did however go to my usual Knit and Natter group .. the latest excitement being we are going to be famous.Someone is going to film us at our group and it will be run on the librarys in my area in house telly channel.So all very exciting.Just hope they get my good side(do I have one?).
I went for Sunday dinner at my sisters yesterday, a nice roast dinner and fresh fruit salad, it was lovely, to see her, my brother in law and 2 nephews and nice to eat something without having to cook it or wash up after!Always tastes better if someone else cooks it.However when we left to come home by bus it was blowing a gale and chucking it down, then I had a horrendous hot flush on the bus(oh the joys of the menopause).
I have been reading and reading about diabetes and trying to get to grips with it, and even did an ecourse on it on Friday..learnt more than i have ever done by doing that..
Today is lovely and sunny but very cold and windy out and I am off to my first weight watchers meeting that the GP is paying for.I did weigh myself last night and it upset me to find I now weigh exactly what I did 15 years ago when 8 months pregnant with Alex so I reckon I have 3 stone to loose .. but even a couple of pound will be good... fingers crossed and here goes, I shall update you on my progress.In the meantime I shall keep on creating...

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Jumper.. a few hiccups..

I am making this in a blue cotton.Picture doesnt do it much justice but its in apricot peachy cotton..pattern is from prima magazine 1998...I just ordered some more wool and got it yesterday, have done the back and part of the front..only the new wool is dyed slightly darker than the one I had been using.. oh well a bit of creative thinking and maybe I can do the arms a darker colour to the body, just hope have enough for the neckline and joining...
Meanwhile I am happy to be back in the usual routine of school /clubs/chores..
but my diabetes is causing me some problems with my blood sugars, and I am back seriously and meticulously writing down what I eat,doses for medication and counting carbs and calories.
Its turned much colder and damper this week.Have put away my summery clothes and tidied my wardrobes..and am still trying to get to grips with my new nokia illumina 520 phone....:) 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Weekend crochet

Do you crochet or craft much at the weekend?Most weekends I tend not to do as much, as am busy with other things.(Last weekend for example I went to see two  local rock bands,Dawgfish and Naked Apes.When my ex has Alex I get a chance to go out and mix with real adults!)
Friday mornings, I usually go to the local library and go to Knit and Natter group of ladies.This week there I started on my own version of the jumper I had finished for my sister last week.
On sunday I had a 'Downton Abbey' catchup day, I watched 6 episodes of it, and finished the  back  and started on the front.So making good progress and I must admit I like this pattern.
making this in blue for myself.

It is an old pattern, its 15 years old, from Prima magazine.

My cat Prince, is much better, for which I am grateful.. he is back pigging out on as much food as he can persuade me to give him, he has regained his weight lost.
This morning I am just happy school is back and Alex went off as usual happy to be back in the old routine.Now it is a cloudy damp start to the day here in Essex.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

not much crochet done today..a strange day really..

my son alex in his back top school clothes..

my cat prince who isnt well at the moment

a beautiful scarf.. i found on the web, very inspiring..
So thats the first day of school over... my son was delighted to be going back to his special school.He is so much happier when he has his set routine and knows what is expected of him.
He came home very happy with 7 pages of forms to fill in and a new timetable.He is in his last year at school and he doesnt seem to have many actual lessons now a week, they are mostly teaching him life skills.
Poor Prince my cat doesnt seem to be well, he isnt eating hardly.Tonight he ate some tuna but threw it back up shortly after, so I think a visit to the vets will happen.
I have done no crochet today(gasp) I have been putting some of my work on pininterest  and waiting for my new phone to be delivered.Its a nokia illuma and touch screen, and a windows phone, so have been trying to grasp how to use it.
Tonight we had our haircuts, so I feel a lot curlier and lighter, Alex looks older with his shorter neat hair, in the same good old doctor who Matt smith haircut.My hairdresser has a alsation puppy and tonight we spent a while with alex getting him used to the dog, who is called bella and georgeous.. he ended up stroking her a lot , tickling her tummy and being relaxed around her, so I am very pleased with him, for being able to accomplish that..a big thing in a kid so sensitive as him.
My lovely daughter Emma, she has gone, also her friend Tara, so I have had to spend ages tidying up and got a nice pile of washing and rubbish from having two young ladies for a few days.Missing them both already.
Last night due to circumstances (I wont go into them),I didn't get much sleep (4 hours) so I think I will have an early night as its going to be another early morning rise for me...

Back to school..

my two kids on a day trip to the fair..

a cushion using the fire blanket motif

a cushion using a motif from my granny square book

a knitted cushion cover, with squares from my knitting book. Practise at different,new stitches.

a bag to keep my tablets holder in.. it doubles as a carrier for my night time insulin injection pen

kindle cosy made for my friend Deb

another view of the kindle cosy

another view of the tablets holder bag

a new square from my granny squares  book

another new granny square from the book

new square I tried

a jumper top I made  for my sister

 back of jumper top made for my sister,its made from cotton

another new square tried..

My lovely  son Alex on one of our summer outings

a cushion with combination of squares on it.
Hasnt it been a lovely summer? too hot some of the time,I have taken a break from blogging but throughout I have been continuing with the crochet and hope you like the things I have been busy working on.(theres a few more to come!)
So now its my son Alex going  back to school and back to creating....:)lets hope this autumn I have some nice things to share with you.