Wednesday, 4 September 2013

not much crochet done today..a strange day really..

my son alex in his back top school clothes..

my cat prince who isnt well at the moment

a beautiful scarf.. i found on the web, very inspiring..
So thats the first day of school over... my son was delighted to be going back to his special school.He is so much happier when he has his set routine and knows what is expected of him.
He came home very happy with 7 pages of forms to fill in and a new timetable.He is in his last year at school and he doesnt seem to have many actual lessons now a week, they are mostly teaching him life skills.
Poor Prince my cat doesnt seem to be well, he isnt eating hardly.Tonight he ate some tuna but threw it back up shortly after, so I think a visit to the vets will happen.
I have done no crochet today(gasp) I have been putting some of my work on pininterest  and waiting for my new phone to be delivered.Its a nokia illuma and touch screen, and a windows phone, so have been trying to grasp how to use it.
Tonight we had our haircuts, so I feel a lot curlier and lighter, Alex looks older with his shorter neat hair, in the same good old doctor who Matt smith haircut.My hairdresser has a alsation puppy and tonight we spent a while with alex getting him used to the dog, who is called bella and georgeous.. he ended up stroking her a lot , tickling her tummy and being relaxed around her, so I am very pleased with him, for being able to accomplish that..a big thing in a kid so sensitive as him.
My lovely daughter Emma, she has gone, also her friend Tara, so I have had to spend ages tidying up and got a nice pile of washing and rubbish from having two young ladies for a few days.Missing them both already.
Last night due to circumstances (I wont go into them),I didn't get much sleep (4 hours) so I think I will have an early night as its going to be another early morning rise for me...

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