Monday, 9 September 2013

Weekend crochet

Do you crochet or craft much at the weekend?Most weekends I tend not to do as much, as am busy with other things.(Last weekend for example I went to see two  local rock bands,Dawgfish and Naked Apes.When my ex has Alex I get a chance to go out and mix with real adults!)
Friday mornings, I usually go to the local library and go to Knit and Natter group of ladies.This week there I started on my own version of the jumper I had finished for my sister last week.
On sunday I had a 'Downton Abbey' catchup day, I watched 6 episodes of it, and finished the  back  and started on the front.So making good progress and I must admit I like this pattern.
making this in blue for myself.

It is an old pattern, its 15 years old, from Prima magazine.

My cat Prince, is much better, for which I am grateful.. he is back pigging out on as much food as he can persuade me to give him, he has regained his weight lost.
This morning I am just happy school is back and Alex went off as usual happy to be back in the old routine.Now it is a cloudy damp start to the day here in Essex.

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