Monday, 16 September 2013

Crocheting weather

Hasn't it turned autumnal??Just the weather to sit in and crochet..I am finding it easy to resist the going out and socializing now the weather has turned..I have been staying in and crocheting instead, steadily working my way through the jumper I have yet to show you. (be patient with me).Anyway, the back has been done and the two sleeves so I am confident this week I shall finish the front.I did however go to my usual Knit and Natter group .. the latest excitement being we are going to be famous.Someone is going to film us at our group and it will be run on the librarys in my area in house telly channel.So all very exciting.Just hope they get my good side(do I have one?).
I went for Sunday dinner at my sisters yesterday, a nice roast dinner and fresh fruit salad, it was lovely, to see her, my brother in law and 2 nephews and nice to eat something without having to cook it or wash up after!Always tastes better if someone else cooks it.However when we left to come home by bus it was blowing a gale and chucking it down, then I had a horrendous hot flush on the bus(oh the joys of the menopause).
I have been reading and reading about diabetes and trying to get to grips with it, and even did an ecourse on it on Friday..learnt more than i have ever done by doing that..
Today is lovely and sunny but very cold and windy out and I am off to my first weight watchers meeting that the GP is paying for.I did weigh myself last night and it upset me to find I now weigh exactly what I did 15 years ago when 8 months pregnant with Alex so I reckon I have 3 stone to loose .. but even a couple of pound will be good... fingers crossed and here goes, I shall update you on my progress.In the meantime I shall keep on creating...

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