Monday, 13 January 2014

new year..

have begun to finally get over the nasty cough and virus I have had over xmas and new year.
I have been doing some crochet...
this is about where I am up to..

It is called doily baby blanket and is on ravelry and Redheart
this was my xmas present to myself. I am doing it along with the Cut thru's which i have neglected since I have been sick.

this is my daughter emma(right) and her friend Taraa who came to stay over the holidays..

Saturday, 4 January 2014

another finish

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year and my stitching plans for 2014

Happy New Year everyone.
I am thinking of my stitching plans for 2014.
I have ....WIP Haberdashers, Cut thru Bothy Threads ...
this is it in its current form after 6 weeks of stitching

also have in my stash ......The wedding Cut thru......
I cant wait to start that one, as I have 2 weddings this year to attend...

I also have Princess Palace Cut thru
My latest kit from Bothy Threads... a christmas present to myself..

and I am doing a bookmark

Also I am doing a Gothic Fairy from Heaven and earth designs...cant find a picture at present but will do.So that is 6 kits I am doing and that means a kit a day stitching  with one day off for a rest..of course i shan't be stitching all the time, but just wanted to put in print my plans to stitch for this year. 
What are your plans...??

Meanwhile an update, I have been ill since xmas eve, with a nasty cough so lets hope it disappears as we go into the new year.Wasn't the firework display along the River Thames amazing... my daughter Emma was there...

We have had a very quiet Xmas with me feeling unwell, but now the decorations are down and away and time to start afresh. 2013 wasnt a particulary good year for me so I am optimistic this new year will be much better...