Wednesday, 13 March 2013

March madness,very cold and life is ugh..

alex in his new dr who jacket i got him..isnt he growing up.
well havent been blogging much recently as have been unwell..(you dont know how fed up of writing that I am!)
I have however taken a turn for the better and as it does , life continues to roll on.
Last weekend was mothers day and Alex presented me with some make up for my next holiday trip and a plant he had planted at his youth club.So that and a card and the boy I love did me proud.Not so his sister, who got me not even a card.. hmm.. my card shall be 'in the post' come her birthday... us mums have to get even.
I spent mothers day on my own mostly...I did meet a friend for a coffee, but I was  recovering from a night out, usual thing, my fav punk band Scam 69.It is only my love of music that keeps me going when times are tough.That and mainly my friends.
Anyway I have made a crochet bag, and am half way making a scarf and made my mum a small lap blanket for mothers day.
Now I am currently alternating between the scarf,dr who figures and a blanket for my friend who is expecting a baby and a blanket for one dear friend.Phew.
Finding it quite hard to keep on top of things and catch up on stuff, and having quite a rough time with my ex husband who has been choosing not to pay for his son or see him quite so often.

small  blanket i made my mum for mothers day 

So this week I am off on a trip, to Olympia to the Knitting and Stitching show.I am looking forward to it.