Wednesday, 6 November 2013

November: No Computers/Internet Before Noon

over at they are following a challenge of no computers or internet before noon in November.I am going to try and follow that.As I am a bit of a Facebook junkie and candy crush addict I will see how I cope.I am also going to try not sitting down for longer than 30 mins, this is cos I am trying to be more active in my quest to loose more weight. Not sure how the creating and the stitching and crochet will cope up with that but bear with me.
Yesterday I popped over to see my parents for lunch, and then in the evening went out with the 14 women who I am friends with who I go on a girls holiday weekend every year..we had a nice civilized meal..Actually we go to the same restaurant, once a month and have been for the past 5 or so years.So I didnt get much stitching done .
I did a bit more stitching on my cut thru and am eagerly waiting the delivery of the wedding cut thru.
I did a bit of stitching on a kit given to me by a novice stitcher, caroline..It is  a lighthouse bookmark.This is a picture of the kit.
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