Friday, 18 January 2013

a cold snowy friday and more hooking..

Is it cold where you are?how deep is the snow, we must have a good 2 inches of snow now..Its blowy snow.very fine but settling ..look here is my garden..
.its cold too... very cold! 5 hours worth of snow..
 So what have I been up to...? well as usual have had my hook in my hand and rustled up..
this is the cowl I have been working on that I gave the pattern to in my last post.
Havent quite managed to fit it in but it goes round my neck twice and hangs loose like a cowl should do..

I love that wool its called marble and is chunky wool, reminds me of those coconut  ice  sweets.
I knitted my mum a scarf out of it for xmas.

and finally my blue and white granny square blanket i am working on for my lovely son Alex.

Today I have been at Knit and Natter with my friends from the Collier row library group.I managed to complete another four squares to be added to the blanket.After I went to get some supplies in so that i dont run out of bread and milk while the weather is bad, and prior to the group starting i went and got my meds so  I dont run out.
I have got some new books from the library,I got" tea cozies"  , it is a book by the guild of master craftsmen publications, there are some nice cozies in there to knit. I havent done any knitting for a few days and never made a cosy so thought this would inspire me. I dont like tea myself but have recently bought a new teapot..
The other book I got was Gok Wan Work your wardrobe as I am looking for tips on how I dress ,I am trying to change my image a bit as I feel a bit stuck in my choice of clothes..I am enjoying his new series on the television at the moment.
Alex will be home from school in a moment, so I better  until next time.. stay warm, treat yourself to a nice cup of hotchocolate(I am liking fudge flavour at the moment)and sit and do some hooking... :)
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