Sunday, 2 June 2013

Saturday /sunday and start of another month.....June..

I have been waiting and waiting for this month to arrive cos it means my good friend Debs is here from Perth,Australia, although I wont be seeing her for a few weeks..she is in the same country as me..:)
Today now I have my son back we went for a walk this morning and again this evening.Luckily my part of Essex has lots of nice country walks and parks nearby.It has been a glorious day Beautiful sunshine and much I have missed it!
Last night I had a bad diabetic hypo (blood too low) so I woke feeling a bit rough .I had done some of my dancing  game on the Wii.It went too low and then too high cos I got a bit panicky and overcompensated with a big  sugary drink. This morning ,my food shopping arrived and so I had that to put away.Luckily my son helped.I missed him while he was away and back comes the mess and the work, but I am liking it,even if its exhausting.
I am carrying on with the crochet and in the middle of the bubble blanket and doctor  who number two.Photos will have to be another time.
Back to normal tomorrow, school and getting up early for the school bus.Lets hope its dry tomorrow.
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