Monday, 23 June 2014

Flaming June ,a cut thru and some crochet..

we continue to look for somewhere new to live,my mum is back in hospital, and I have just sent off alexs PIP benefit form to be processed and Emma's uni finance is in the last stages of being processed,so hopefully fingers crossed with all that.My blood pressure is still high and have been diagnosed with sinus infection and have spent the weekend feeling somewhat rough, but did some packing up,sorted out the toy room,and packed stuff,and went to see my fabulous Scam 69 punk  band.
sports day...

some of my scrappygan I have started...
week two of My wedding cut thru...did some of the rainbow this
week..I am enjoying stitching but my eyes arent so good now, as can only stitch for a small amount at a time.
These flowers continue to cause me headache.Been busy joining them.
So onwards for another week of uncertainty and madness,Alex has his leavers assembly and then it will be no more Dycourts school.College in september.What a long summer he is going to have. eeek!

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