Tuesday, 28 June 2011

crochet and sewing

I can crochet.have been doing so since i was about 14 years old..my nan taught me..and to knit.
At the moment I have been in a bit of a fug the past couple of days.Felt very lethargic because of the heat,and very depressed ..thinking
a lot of my new future alone.
Anyway this afternoon after a good sleep I woke feeling much better and so I attempted to sort out my sewing machine.I have a Novum super automatic sewing machine.Its years old and I boug
ht it second hand,without a manual.I have been busy trying to remember how to do the basic of things on it.I can now(thanks to utube video tutorials)wind my bobbins.I can thread the machine and also thread the bobbin.I have a side bobbin so that is why I keep forgetting how the darn bobbin goes in and how everything hooks up.But now I spent about 3 hours mastering my machine again.What i think I need to do is leave it out..and use it more often and then i won't forget how to. I am so pleased and proud of myself for not giving up and to have finally mastered it!Anyway,once i had figured it out..I made a little cloth sample showing what stitches were what letter on the knob for stitch choices on the machine.Then I started to sew and put together my fabric postcards I am currently making for my local group..PEG.I won't share pictures with you yet as they aren't finished.
So today,also I browsed the web.I look
ed at a number of knitting and crochet sites.They are as follows:
I enjoyed all of these sites that's why I am sharing them with you.
After our evening meal I had a little rummage through my wool stash and have -after consultation with E- decided to make some blankets for the little children who have 'sleeping time' at her nursery where she works.What could be more cosy than a nice warm crochet blanket,made up of granny
squares.So I now have a use for all those crochet squares I have started to make when I feel the need to just sit and crochet and relax in front of the television.Just imagine a bag full of 4" squares ,all multicoloured..when I am assembling them I shall show..ok they look a bit like this..
This afternoon the weather broke.. which was wonderful news for me..I have been sufferi
ng with the heat,basically melting and unable to do much because of it.My usual pursuits just haven't been enough to persuaded me to get out my fug of depression..so I am glad that now the weather has improved I feel so much better in myself.
I visited the chemist today(my local one) and luckily was able to get some blood testing strips.My doctor never seems to provide me with enough.So when i have tested today it has been in the lower normal range ,which is excellent news, and I don't have to worry about my sugar levels dropping too much when asleep as I can test before bed now..the last few nights I have had that worry which isn't very good for me trying to get a good nights sleep.
so off to bed now..goodnight everyone..I just hope tomorrow I wake up feeling good and well .
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