Monday, 27 June 2011

here and its been a while

well its been a while I have got a new computer, and been away,I have been to Somerset with my good friend Kathy..Here is my bag finished and ready for the exhibition that was held by members of the embroiders guild of which i am a member.
What am i currently working on?
A set of fabric postcards
a picture from heaven and earth called 'Gothic Fairy'
a blue jacket(knitting)
a sampler entitled 'Winter'
a chinese embroidery (mao)sample
what about my family life?E is working in a nursery and is a nursery manager..I am very proud of her,my lovely pretty girl,he is also still dating M and they have been an item for about 2 years now.Hair is currently pink!
A is doing well at his special school.he can now really read and write,and loves to produce comics and newsletters.Still obsessed with Dr.Who.Is just as gorgeous!Hair is currently very a skinhead!
I am finding new contacts..have new friends, am enjoying visiting my rock bands and classic car shows as well as continuing to go to all my local stitching hideaway groups and having fascinating discusions about life !

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