Thursday, 30 June 2011

More crochet and fabric postcards.

well today has been a busy one.First I had to deal with a lack of water..our water was turned off because we had a leak on the outside pipe joining it to the meter.The men arrived very early,to repair it.Well they took up approx 20 bricks and dug down and replaced pipe with some plastic type hose pipe and then filled it in and added sand and concrete.The council is coming back tomorrow to make good the pavement,and i also had a visit from my landlord to collect his mail and to talk to next door about what had happened as well as me.
Then i went out my local group where we are working on our fabric postcards. am finishing my last two before i can show you them in full.
The local theatre where I have my lunch beforehand was packed with pensioners who were having their lunch in the small cafe there before the matinee ,of a old time music hall show.So i was about an hour late to my group.
Anyway following that I had to make my way home having once found the bus stop where buses had been detoured to as one of the flats above some shops was on the point of collapse and so a whole section of road had been cut off and taped around as scaffolding was all that was stopping the building come down.Before I got on the bus I bought myself 2 new summer skirts for £8 each.You know the kind of thing,cotton with elasticated waist and able to fit my growing girth.
On the bus home I managed to knock 3 granny squares out for the blankets, so after tea I set about doing some more and ran up another about 8.
So now I am going to do some ironing i have water for my steam iron.Thank heavens I am not an African living somewhere where you have to walk miles for water.. its only when you don't have it so freely that you appreciate how blessed you are to be able to access water so freely.

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