Monday, 16 April 2012

been busy but back now.

I have been busy and my blogging had gone by the wayside.hoping to pick up where i left off.
I have been sick with flu for past few days and just been in bed.
Alex has been at his dads ,giving me a chance to rest and Emma at her boyfriend Mike's house for the weekend.
Since I last blogged Emma has decided that in September she will be going to Greenwich university so my daughter has decided that she will leave home, and me and start life independently.I am in two minds about this, yes I want her to go but oh I will miss her(but not her mess) and her company.Since the break up of the family we had forged a little 3some family and well seems that life changes however and whatever happens,but at 21 she is old enough to stand on her two feet all I can hope is that I have equipped her for life without me beside her.
Alex continues to grow, he is almost as tall as me now, with his deep voice and manlike mannerisms.
I have been busy knitting.I am currently working on my first knitted doll.I got a book from amazon and have knitted the body and am now knitting the clothes.I also am stitching for a exchange, and have decided on a poinesetta Christmas wreath picture, so that is 3/4 way done.My local embroidery group,well we are making Lavender dolls, so I have had a chance to do some stitching with my new birthday present which is a sewing machine, that is half finished.With Easter school holidays and my flu illness everything has had to stop for a while while I rest and recover.
We also have two new additions to the family,some fishes, called 'The doctor' and 'Riversong' after the Dr who characters, they are alexs birthday present ,now he is 14.So more pets to the fold, and more responsibility.
Tomorrow will take some pictures and share them with you.Back to shool tomorrow for alex, work for emma and recovering for me.
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