Monday, 5 November 2012

some scarfs and squares

pink square..
 I  have been ill, this time with tummy bug and sore throat,here is what I have been up to.
all 6 together.
a pink granny square.

two of my granny squares together 
a mesh scarf in pink sequins double knit.

a close up. has creamy white edging

another scarf, this time, double crochet and in same wool

tiny sequins in wool, can you see them?

a potato chip thin variated double knit wool scarf. crocheted dont think its so curly as knitted ones.

two squares made for my Krista blanket. these have flowers in the middle.
Meanwhile the kids went to a cartoon convention...Dr who was there.. alex got to actually see Matt smith(the current doctor who)and emma was equally as thrilled as they are both DOCTOR WHO fanatics.,Must run in the family...:)
alex and the doctor..


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