Monday, 25 November 2013

monday SAL..... progress of sorts

WEEK 5  of stitching...
So  there has been some slight progress on the haberdashers picture.I did have to do some unpicking, and hope that is the last of the unpicking on this part of the picture.I do hate to unpick, but needs must and if I make an error it will only annoy me until I make it correct.
I have done the beginning parts of the rolls of material and some of the bag which I had done all wrong.
I hadn't been too good last week as I had a throat infection caused by a virus.Some antibiotics and a week later and I am feeling more myself.
I have done some crochet on my crochet project, which I will share with you another day.
I have gained a pound(got weighed today) and that's probably because I didn't follow the weight-watcher diet too closely last week, and did next to no exercise.
So another week and hopefully better results.
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