Monday, 13 May 2013

Day 13, Monday: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

I have to say sorry to all the people I upset with my views. I suppose I am a very black or white person but when someone upsets me I drop them like a bullet. I am very much in sympathy with disabled people, I hate this current government for what it is doing to our country making life unbearable for disabled people and picking on the weak and single parents.It wont be happy until we are all back in the workhouse.I was happy when Margaret Thatcher died cos of the damage she did to our country.
I am sorry to my ex hubby, for not being there when he needed me and being sick and unable to work.For looking after my kids and putting them first before anything when he thinks he is more important.Deeply sorry there.I know there were faults in the marriage long before he took up with another woman just sorry but it takes two people to fix a marriage and work as a team.I' m sorry he never thought to fix those problems and was unable to voice his dissatisfaction in life and our being together.I must be awful to live with and I dont blame him for wanting someone else.
I am sorry to my family for what my life has turned out like I never wanted to be poor, single and without work with a body not fit for anything.
I am sorry to my kids for not being a good mother, and not being able to do the things I would like to do with them, let them have nice holidays as a happy family unit , this isnt the life I dreamt for you when I had you i always thought you'd have two parents who lived together and stayed together . I am sorry that I was unable to fix the problems me and your dad had.I am sorry I have ended up sick and not able to do what I would like with you, and not be able to work so you can have the things you deserve.All I can say is I love you both and that I have tried to be the best mum I can under very bad circumstances.May you never know the struggle I have to go through daily to remain with you.

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