Friday, 3 May 2013
  well I decided to join in this challenge.So here goes a little about me.
I was born prematurely on 6th feb, 1962.I only weighed 3 pounds, which is less than a bag of sugar.
I have 2 older sisters, Rosalind and Pauline.I didnt start school until I was 5.I loved music from a young age(listening and dancing to it).I also loved to knit and crochet, taught by my Nan.I met my best friend Denise when I was 8.We had many nice times together but she died tragically when she was 24 when she was in a fire by setting her bed alight smoking in bed.I miss her every day.
When I was 12 I met my   other best friend Debbie who now lives in australia, This is where she came from when I met her at Comprehensive school.We communicate by email every day.
I didnt do too badly at school and started work in a patent office in London.I got the sack from my first job as a clerk typist as my typing wasnt very good.Then I worked in insurance for many years in London, which I enjoyed I married at 21 to George who was fresh out the army and we set up home in Walthamstow in London.We had two kids Alex and Emma. Emma is 22 and alex 15.. the marriage didnt last and we split up after 23 years of marriage and I am now a single parent and unable to work due to my when Alex was born (when I was 37)I got post partum dilated cardiomyopathy and diabetes.I was in a wheelchair for 3 years ,I now  dont have a wheelchair but have mobility and fitness problems.  
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